Car Seat Inspection Program

The Romeoville Fire Department is committed to ensuring children are traveling safely within cars. We understand installing a car seat for younger children and babies can be a challenge. We have certified child safety seat technicians available who can help.

•  We encourage you to schedule an appointment to ensure that your child is in the appropriate child safety seat, is harnessed correctly and that the seat is installed properly in your vehicle.

•  Please complete the request form at and someone will contact you via email or phone to schedule your request. 

•  Before leaving, it is our initiative to teach you how to use your car seat and install it on your own.


To prepare for their safety seat inspection, parents and caretakers should perform the following:

•  Install the child safety seat in the vehicle and, if possible, bring the child with them.

•  Bring the instruction booklet for the child safety seat and the vehicle. If the instruction booklet is not available, contact the manufacture or visit the manufacturer’s web site for the booklet information.

•  Know their child’s current weight and height. The technician inspecting your child safety seat will rely on the information you furnish about your child.


What you can expect at your inspection:

•  Technicians will complete and require you to sign an inspection form.

•  The technician will inspect your child safety seat installation and will advise you of any corrections needed.

•  The technician will explain and demonstrate the correct use and installation of your child safety seat. You will be required to repeat the installation of your child safety seat, in your vehicle, at the inspection site.

•  You should leave your inspection site feeling secure and confident about transporting your child.

Car Seat Check