At Your Door Program

Romeoville residents living in single family homes and townhouses have the ability to dispose of household materials like paint, cleaners, motor oil, garden chemicals, batteries, electronics, and more. The program is called “At Your Door Special Collection” and is carried out by Waste Management. All a resident has to do is call Waste Management at 800-449-7587 or visit them at and request a pickup. Have a detailed list of your unwanted items ready. They will then send the resident a disposal bag to put the materials in and instructions on where to leave it for pickup.

Residents who need to dispose of needles and other sharps can schedule a pickup with Waste Management’s At Your Door program. Details can be found here:

If it cannot be disposed of via regular trash pickup and if the At Your Door service won’t take it, you may need to bring your item to the nearest hazardous household waste facility, which is located at 156 Fort Hill Drive in Naperville. Please visit the link below for hours of operation and drop off instructions. Details can be found here.

A list of acceptable materials for this program can be found at The village will no longer offer electronic recycling at Public Works at of May 1, 2019.

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At Your Door