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      Village of Romeoville
    2. Policy
      The Village of Romeoville recognizes the importance of groups and/or organizations and may consider grant and/or donation applications from groups and/or organizations requiring funds, which provide benefits for residents. It is the policy of the Village of Romeoville to establish and maintain an orderly system for the administration and control of various forms of donation and contributions by the municipality.

      Grants or donations are gifts to individuals, non-profit groups or organizations whose majority of members are residents of the Village of Romeoville, for a particular purpose and provide direct benefit to the municipal residents.

      Specific Objectives
      The objectives of this policy are to:
      • Ensure that the Village of Romeoville treats all donation requests and contributions fairly and responsibly
      • Ensure uniform standards and procedures respecting the provision and administration of donation contributions by the municipality
      • Provide guidelines and standards for donation contributions from the municipality.

      Procedure for Submission
      The following categories of applications will be evaluated and considered:
      • Individuals/non-athletic
      • Youth groups/athletic teams
      • Adult groups
      • Non-profit organizations & committees
      • Individuals applying for a donation as a result of being part of a team will no longer be eligible for donations

      All donation requests must be submitted to the Village of Romeoville in writing on the Donation Request Form stating all the associated costs, the purpose, the benefits and the amount requested and should be submitted 30 days prior to the event or in special circumstances, as soon as the event is known about. All donations will be dealt with on a "First come – First serve" basis according to the yearly budget.

      All donation / grant requests shall meet two of the following:
      • Provides direct assistance to or complements a Village of Romeoville Program or Initiative
      • Provides a service or benefit to the Romeoville community
      • Demonstrates a need for financial aid
      • Event / service is held within the Village of Romeoville
      • 50% of participants are Romeoville residents (can be waived by the Village Manager)

      The majority of grant/donation dollars received shall be directly applied to programming and participants. A maximum of 25% of the monies received shall be applied to administrative functions.

      Village Manager has authority to grant donations up to the amount of $500.00, all other long-term donation requests require Village Board approval. Village staff as designated by the Village Manager shall:
      • Review and recommend to the Village Board any amendments or changes required to be made to the Donations & Contributions Policy as considered appropriate as per budget.
      • Review, evaluate and make recommendations on all requests
      • Prepare and submit to Village Board a list of all donation requests
      • Have available for the Village Board all time/dated, associated original submission request letters and forms
      • Track and submit requests for annual budget consideration