Crime Free Housing

The Village of Romeoville has enacted a Residential Rental Property Licensing and Crime Free Housing OrdinanceThis ordinance establishes a crime prevention program designed to reduce crime, drugs, and gangs in residential rental units. The ordinance will be in full enforcement on January 1, 2017. Click here for more information.


In addition to the current requirements regarding residential rental units, the Crime Free Housing Program has 4 new Requirements that owners/landlords must comply with:
  1. An Annual Residential Rental License - $75 per Single Family Dwelling Unit or $100 per Multi-Family Building. NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! For more Info on how to pay click here.
  2. Attend a mandatory crime-free housing seminar, administered by the Police Department, prior to issuance of the license. The seminar may be attended after an application has been submitted. The license will be issued only after successful completion of the seminar. All persons with a rental license shall take a “refresher” seminar every three years. 
  3. Criminal background checks on prospective tenants will be required.
  4. A mandatory crime free lease/rental agreement addendum, provided by the Police Department, must be utilized which informs tenants that criminal activity is a lease violation mandating landlords or property agents to initiate eviction proceedings.


To register for a Landlord Training Seminar, please click here.
(PLEASE NOTE: Seminars are subject to change or cancellation with 2 days notification prior to seminar.)

No children under 18 and no tenants are allowed.


For an online refresher course on Crime Free Housing, please click here.


Now accepting applications. For more Info on how to pay click here.