Road Updates

See below for a list of which Romeoville streets will be resurfaced in 2022.


  • Iola Ave.
  • Jordan Ave.
  • Glen Ave. - 600 block
  • Princeton Ave. – from Driftwood to Heritage Pkwy.
  • Georgetown Ave.
  • Ambassador Ave. – East of Essex to the cul-de-sac


  1. Amberleigh Dr.
  2. Amberleigh Ct.
  3. Fairfield Dr.
  4. Mayfield Ct.
  5. Morgan Ct.
  6. Wedgeport Cir.
  7. Wedgeport Ct.
  8. Rosehill Ct.
  9. Southport Ct.
  10. Chatham Dr.
  11. Sutcliffe Dr.
  12. Sutcliffe Ct.
  13. Whitehill Dr.
  14. Longwood Ct.
  15. Sedgewick Dr.
  16. Sedgewick Ct.
  1. Street Resurfacing

    Construction Delay - Street Resurfacing

    There are several maintenance programs approved annually to improve the streets in Romeoville. Some residential streets have been scheduled for resurfacing this year, however, there is an area wide work stoppage that is causing a delay in the work. Read on...
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