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2023 Holiday Lights Artisan Market Application

  1. Event Information

    The Village of Romeoville, Recreation Department is excited to offer the 1st Holiday Lights Artisan Market at the Holiday Lights Festival on Friday, December 1st and Saturday, December 2nd from 5:00PM-8:00PM! 

    The Holiday Lights Festival is a family-oriented event that consists of a variety of live entertainment for all ages, food, and beautiful outdoor lights.

    Friday, December 1, 2023 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm

    Saturday, December 2, 2023 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm

    The Holiday Lights Artisan Market is an outdoor event in a heated tent on concrete. 

    There is no FEE to participant in the 2023 Holiday Lights Artisan Market.  

    No direct sales vendors are allowed. 

  2. Vendors must agree to attend both days of the Holiday Lights Festival for the full duration of the event.*
  3. Set Up

    Set Up 2:00pm - 4:00pm

    All artisans must be ready to sell by 4:30pm.

    10'x8' space provided. 

    8' table available if needed.

    No chairs will be provided.

    No electricity available for artisans.

  4. Table*
  5. Artisan Information
  6. Product Informaiton
  7. Please check all that apply*
  8. Category*

    Please read all information, fill out online application, and attach any necessary documents.

    1. No white elephant or secondhand items may be sold. The Romeoville Recreation Department reserves the right to limit the number of crafters/vendors that will be allowed to sell similar items i.e., jewelry. *Please note there will be a limit of 2 handmade jewelry crafters, 2 commercial jewelry vendors, and 2 candle crafters.
    2. The seller accepts all liability for federal, state, and local taxes related to the operation of the said event.
    3. Space assignments will be assigned by the Recreation Department. Spaces are not guaranteed.
    4. SET UP – Friday & Saturday between 2:00PM and 4:00PM. No seller will be allowed to set up before/after these hours.
    5. All sellers are required to be at their display, and sell items during all market hours on Friday, December 1, 2023 AND Saturday, December 2, 2023, from 4:30PM to 8:00PM. Please do not pack up early!!! Like any other business - posted hours of operation are vital. We ask that you keep your commitment to us as well as to the customers attending the Artisan Market. Sellers will not be allowed to drive their vehicle close to the tent to pack up prior to 8:00PM.
    6. Please remove all items, materials, equipment, and waste from your area upon take-down. Booth space must be in the same condition as it was prior to set up. You will be responsible for costs associated with cleaning and repairing your space.
    7. All tables must be covered on all sides to the ground with a tablecloth. All displays may not exceed the allotted booth space of 10’ wide and 8’ deep (or 8’ wide and 10’ deep for center aisle vendors). Promotion of your display items must not infringe upon other sellers; therefore, when using freestanding backdrops or tents, displays must be limited to your side and space only.
    8. Tables and chairs are allowed to be brought by the seller. Chairs are not supplied. 8’ tables are provided if requested. 
    9. Any damage caused to Village property or provided equipment by sellers and/or their displays will be the financial responsibility of the seller.
    10. Raffle ticket sales are not permitted by any seller.
    11. The Romeoville Recreation Department does not assume responsibility for any sellers’ items at any time.  All items and equipment brought onto the Village of Romeoville premises shall be done at the risk of the seller.
    12. Smoking within the Artisan Market area is strictly prohibited. Smoking is permitted in designated areas, 25 feet from any seller. Violation of this rule will result in the immediate tear down of your booth and the removal of your application from our files.
    13. Please help advertise the show. We can e-mail or mail you a one-page flyer. If you participate in other shows, pass our show flyers out at your display, or list our show on your list of shows that you participate in with name, date and city. Please post on your website and social media. Every hit on your site is an advertisement for our show.
    14. Photographing of other sellers’ items or booths will not be allowed.
    15. Seller parking will be in Lot B, D, or E. Refer to map for exact location. Parking spaces are limited and will be first come, first serve. We kindly ask that each seller only park one vehicle in the parking lots.
    16. Obey all posted parking signs, this includes handicapped parking spaces during load in and load out.
    17. Set up information will be sent out to all sellers by November 15, 2023 with load in/out information.
    18. Prohibited Items: All items on display should be suitable for people of all ages. Items with nudity, explicit profanity, or sexual content are not allowed.
    19. The Romeoville Recreation Department reserves the right to demand the immediate removal of any items that are illegal, deemed inappropriate, or in poor taste.
    20. The Romeoville Recreation Department reserves the right to add or delete Artisan Market rules and guidelines as necessary.
    21. The Romeoville Recreation Department reserves the right to enforce the above rules and guidelines. 



    Despite the implementation of all reasonable precautions by the Department, an unavoidable risk of serious injury will always exist when participating in any recreational activity.  Not all hazards and dangers can be foreseen. Participants and parents/guardians of minor participants must understand that certain risks and hazards will be inherent to participation in that activity, including but not limited to risks and hazards associated with inclement weather, slip and falls, overexertion and fatigue, disregarding safety rules and instructions, collision with stationary objects or other participants, poor skill level or conditioning, carelessness, horseplay, unsportsmanlike conduct, premises defects, inadequate or defective equipment, inadequate supervision, instruction or officiating.  Additionally, participants and parents/guardians of minor participants are further expressly informed that any program or activity involving the presence of or interaction with other persons can carry the risk of the transmission of disease between such persons. Accordingly, the Department hereby informs all participants and parents/guardians of minor participants that it is impossible for the Romeoville Recreation Department to guarantee absolute safety for all program and activity participants, or to guarantee that programs and activities are free from the risk of the transmission of disease.


    I acknowledge and assume the risks of property damage, accidents, injuries (including death), loss of bodily functions, transmission of disease, disabilities, medical disorders, pain and suffering, lost income and medical expenses that arise from participation in any program or activity offered by the Department, and my use of facilities, transportation services, premises and equipment provided by the Department. I further acknowledge that the foregoing risks may arise from my own action or inaction, the actions or inaction of other program or activity participants, the conditions under which a program or activity is conducted, or from the negligent actions or inaction (including any failure to warn) of Department personnel, contractors or service providers. I also acknowledge that from time to time, the Village of Romeoville and/or the Department may take photographs or videos with or without sound of me participating in programs or activities offered by the Department for use and publication and/or broadcast in various publications or media, including but not limited to the Village’s website, Facebook account or other social media sites or accounts, live internet video streams, the Village’s public access cable channel, Department program brochures or materials, and Village or Department informational, promotional or marketing materials, and I hereby expressly grant to the Village of Romeoville and the Department the right to use and publish and broadcast such photographs and videos as contemplated herein, all without compensation or payment for such use and publication or broadcast. In consideration of being allowed to participate in programs or activities offered by the Department, or to use facilities, transportation services, premises and equipment provided by the Department, I hereby release, waive and discharge the Village of Romeoville and its officers, officials, employees, agents, volunteers and contractors (collectively, the “Releasees”) from any and all liability and all claims of any kind whether for personal injury, transmission of disease, property damage or death, arising from participation in any activity or program offered by the Department, arising from my use of facilities, transportation services, premises and equipment provided by the Department, or arising from the use or publication or broadcast by Releasees of photographs or videos of me participating in programs or activities offered by the Department, whether or not caused by the negligence of the Releasees or any of them and further covenant that I shall not sue any of the Releasees with respect to any such liability or claims. In the event that I or anyone else nonetheless makes a claim or files suit against Releasees arising out of any of the above-described matters, I will indemnify and hold Releasees harmless of and from any and all damages or judgments and costs of litigation, including attorney fees. The provisions hereof are to be construed as broadly as possible in favor of Releasees, and this Agreement as a whole shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois (without reference to the conflicts of laws rules thereof). If any part of this Agreement shall be ruled invalid by a court having jurisdiction, the balance shall be enforced to the maximum possible extent. I am signing this Agreement freely and voluntarily, having read and understood it and with a full opportunity to consider its substance and with the intention of fully and unconditionally assuming the risks and releasing the liabilities as described above in this Agreement.


    All renters, parents/guardians, registrants and participants are advised that all Romeoville Recreation Department facilities, rentals, activities and uses are required by the State of Illinois to be used or conducted in accordance with State-issued guidelines, as revised or modified from time to time. All participants will be required to comply with the applicable State guidelines in force at any given time as a condition of their continued attendance at or participation in any Romeoville Recreation Department facility, rental, activity or use.  All renters/registered participants of the Romeoville Recreation Department for any rental, facility, activity, use or purpose shall be responsible for being aware and informed of the then-current State and/or Village guidelines related to Romeoville Recreation Department rentals, facilities, activities and uses,  and for ensuring that all participants comply with the same.


    I am the parent or legal guardian and am registering the above listed names to participate in a program or activity offered by the Romeoville Recreation Department. I have read and reviewed this Agreement, and am voluntarily signing it on behalf of my child/ward in my capacity as parent and legal guardian. By signing below, I am agreeing on behalf of my child/ward to be bound along with my child/ward by all terms and conditions of this Agreement as set forth above, including but expressly not limited to those terms and conditions pertaining to the taking of photographs of program and activity participants, the use and publication of such photographs and the release of all claims associated therewith. If registering online, my online signature will be substituted for and have the same legal effect as an original hard copy signature.

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  11. By typing your name into this field you authorize the Village of Romeoville to consider this an electronic signature. 

    Approval is the sole discretion of the Village of Romeoville. 


    This is an application and not a guaranteed acceptance into the Holiday Lights Artisan Market. 

    We will review your application and if you are accepted as a vendor, you will be contacted via email.

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