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Small Business Community Grant Program


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    1. Small Business Community Grant Program

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      The Village of Romeoville announced the new Small Business Community Grant Program to provide assistance to small businesses that are experiencing disruptions resulting from the global outbreak of COVID-19. Grants in the amount of $500.00 will be given to qualifying businesses, in addition, application/permit fees will be waived up to $1,000 for businesses expanding their outdoor seating area.

      To be eligible for a grant, businesses must meet the following requirements:

      • Romeoville small businesses which were highly impacted by the COVID-19 Restrictions through Executive Orders by the Governor.

      • Must be a Romeoville retail/commercial business (home based businesses do not qualify).

      • Must have less than $500,000 in sales for the 2018 Tax year (tax return or audited financial statement required for verification).

      • Must have a current/valid Village of Romeoville Business License.

      • Must be current on local taxes (Hotel/Food & Beverage as of February 29, 2020)

      • Must be franchisee owned, independently owned, corporate owned stores do not qualify.

      • Business must re-open and remain open through December 31, 2020 based on the State of Illinois Guidelines.

      Grants will be approved based on the order in which they were received, until funding has been expended. Current funding level is $10,000.

      Applications will be accepted from June 1, 2020 through July 10, 2020. Funds will be distributed August 7, 2020.

      For questions please email Dawn Caldwell at