Electric Aggregation Program Details

The Village of Romeoville, along with 16 other municipalities, has been a member of the Will County Governmental League Electrical Aggregation Group (WEAG) since 2012. The sole purpose of this group is to pool its residential electrical accounts together in order to gain buying power for the purchase of competitively priced electricity from a certified alternative retail electric supplier.

After a competitive bidding process, Constellation was selected for a three year fixed price supply agreement. This program offers one hundred percent of our communities’ energy is carbon-free, meaning Constellation matches all of your energy usage with emission-free energy certificates from a generating source that does not directly produce greenhouse gas emissions.

The contract we have with Constellation is a 36 month program with a fixed rate of 0.07517/kWh for the term of October 2018 through October 2021 meter read cycles. 

Beginning in June 2019 the utility’s price-to-compare is expected to be lower than the price offered through community aggregation.

  • Constellation price is $0.07517/kWh
  • ComEd summer price: $0.06725/kWh
  • ComEd non-summer price:$0.07216/kWh * (estimated by ComEd could be adjusted slightly)

The negotiated agreement includes the ability to switch suppliers or return to the utility at any time without incurring a termination fee.  If a resident leaves the program and moves to ComEd they can move to any other supplier without a hold period. If they leave the program and move to ComEd, then wish to return to Constellation, there is a 6 month hold per ComEd rules.

For more information residents should use Constellation’s 24-hour customer service number 1-844-252-4216 or online at www.constellation.com/ilwillcounty

Please be advised you also have the option to purchase electricity supply from a Retail Electric Supplier (RES) or from ComEd pursuant to Section 16-103 of the Public Utilities Act. Information about your options can be found at Illinois Commerce Commission website at www.pluginillinois.org and www.ComEd.com. You may request from the Illinois Power Agency, without charge, a list of all supply options available to you in a format that allows comparison of prices and products.


This rate from the Village is higher than ComEd?
The current ComEd price to compare is 7.358¢/kWh, residents with the aggregation group are currently paying 7.190¢/kWh. Those rates expire at the end of September. Beginning October 1 the ComEd price to compare will be 7.941¢/kWh, and the aggregation group will be 7.517¢/kWh.

Who allowed the government to do this?
Each community passed a referendum in April of 2012 (with the exception of Lockport which was November of 2012) allowing the municipality to establish an aggregation program.

Do I have to opt-out every time?
Yes. The way that the aggregation programs are established all eligible residents, including those who have opted out in the past, receive the letters and are re-enrolled.

Constellation’s telephone line is busy/bad connection/getting a call back message?
There was an issue with certain customers not being able to get through to Constellation, or having a one way only connection. Constellation has worked to find the problem and it is tied to certain phone customers in our area. They believe that the problem has been resolved at this point.

How much money have we saved with this program in the past?
Since 2012 the program has saved residents and small businesses roughly $31,500,000.

Constellation can be reached at 1-844-252-4216.

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