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Preschool taekwondo

This class is designed to captivate the interest of our youngest students. Skills are developed through gentle instruction and appropriate games for their ability. This class focuses on developing balance, coordination, and respect for the discipline of martial arts training.  Age: 4 to 5   Fee: $88/R - $132/NR   For Details, Click Here

Youth taekwondo

This program includes a balanced cardiovascular workout, including punching, kicking and blocking skills, using the Taekwondo tradition, and self control.  Participants will improve coordination, power of concentration, balance, and both physical and mental discipline. Age: 8 to 13   Fee: $88/R - $132/NR    For Details, Click Here  

Early taekwondo

Designed especially for the younger children, this program helps kids develop conditioning, coordination, listening skills, and self-confidence through creative activities. Age: 6 to 7   Fee: $88/R - $132/NR     For Details, Click Here

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