1. Romeoville Advantage

    The Village of Romeoville is enthusiastically committed to the many projects which will build upon the solid economic foundation already in place.

  2. Business Directory

    Visit the Village of Romeoville's local business website.

  3. Building Permits

  4. Business Licenses

    All businesses operating in the Village of Romeoville are required by Chapter 113 of the Village Ordinance to have a current Business License for each location unless the business is exempt by State Law.

  5. Chamber of Commerce

    Learn about Romeoville Chamber of Commerce, view a calendar of upcoming events, and find out how to get involved.

  6. Code of Ordinances

  7. Community Profile (PDF)

    Access a profile of the Romeoville community to get a business development, demographics, and overview of the community.

  8. Demographics

  9. Development Progress

  10. Economic Development

  11. Incentives

  12. Land Development

    Review the process and procedure for land development and applications.

  13. TIF Districts

  14. Utilities

  15. Village Financial Information

  16. Zoning Code (PDF)

    Access the Zoning Code to learn about the regulations in place regarding planning and zoning in Romeoville.

  17. Zoning Map

    View the Village's Zoning Map to find out about boundaries and zoning designations within the Village.