Business Licenses

Business License Applications
All businesses operating in the Village of Romeoville are required by Chapter 113 of the Village Ordinance to have a current Business License for each location unless the business is exempt by State Law. Exempt businesses are not required to obtain a Business License, although we ask that the application be completed so all businesses can be included in the business listing. No fee will be charged for exempt businesses.

All businesses that are not currently licensed under a State or Federal Law, and are operating for-profit within the village limits must have a current Business License. If you are opening a new business, buying an existing business, or transferring a business to your ownership, you must apply for a new Business License under your name. The following information provides an overview of the Village's Business License requirements. A pending license does not allow you operate.

Thank you for considering Romeoville for the home of your new business. You will need a new Business License if you are:
  • Moving your business to a new location
  • Opening an additional location for your current business
  • Starting a new business
  • The new owner of an existing business

Planning, Zoning & General Questions

If you have questions for Planning and Zoning call Lisa Lynch 815-886-5022 or email
For example: Can my type of business be located at 123 Main St.?

Building Code & Rental Inspection Questions

If you have questions about building code and/or rental inspections call 815-886-5049. For example: Is the space I want to rent equipped to operate my type of business?

Fire Code & Fire Inspection Questions

If you have questions about fire codes and inspections call 815-886-5903. For example: Does the fire alarm work at 123 Main Street?

Public Works Questions

If you have questions for Public Works call 815-886-1870. For example: How much water is available to me for my business?

Water Billing Questions

If you have questions about water billing call 815-886-5200. For example: How do I change the name on the water account?

Address Verification

To verify that your business is within the Village limits please call the Community Development Department at 815-886-7200.
Business License With Liquor License Request
Any business serving or selling alcoholic beverages must apply for a separate liquor license. The application fee is $500, in addition there is a $58 fingerprint fee for each applicant, including the manager. At time of application submission, an appointment will be made for fingerprinting.

Once fingerprinting has been completed, the Romeoville Police Department will conduct a full background check on the applicant. The results of the background check will be given to the Liquor Commissioner who will then make a recommendation to the Village Board. The Village Board will then vote on the matter at a regular Village Board Meeting. If approved, the liquor license will be issued by the Village Clerk. Liquor License fees are based on the type of license applied for. This process could take up to 60 days.

Ordinances, Fees & Applications