Current Business Resources

Whether your business is new to our community or it has been in Romeoville for some time, this page has important resources for current business owners, from ordinances and zoning codes to how to contact us with any questions you may have.
  1. Available Properties

    Use the interactive mapping system to view available properties.

  2. Business Information Survey

    Please take our survey and tell us about your business.

  3. Business Ordinances

    View business ordinances for the Village of Romeoville.

  4. Community Wide Business Tent Sale Survey

  5. Contact Us

  6. Education/Business Partnerships

    Partner Business & Education to Deliver Opportunities to Workplace

  7. Incentives

    The Village of Romeoville offers several forms of assistance and development incentives for the purpose of attracting and retaining businesses.

  8. Non-Residential Code Enforcement

    The Community Development Department is responsible for ensuring non-residential properties are maintained to the standards as described within the Municipal Code and International Property Maintenance Code.

  9. Tree Replacement on Private Property

  10. Utilities

  11. Zoning Code