Snow Parking Ordinance

Does the Village impose a parking ban?
In an effort to keep our residents safe and streets cleared during the winter, the Village of Romeoville has instituted a new snow parking ordinance. This ordinance is designed to limit on-street parking during snow removal to allow plows to access and clear the streets during the winter. Odd/Even street parking requires residents to park along the odd-numbered side of village streets on odd-numbered calendar days and on the even-numbered side of village streets on even numbered calendar days. A calendar day shall commence at 6 a.m. The new guidelines are as follows:
  • Odd/Even parking will go into effect upon the accumulation of 2 inches of snow on the Village streets and will remain in effect until snow removal operations are complete.
  • The switch over time for odd-even parking will be changed to 6 a.m.
  • The fine for snow related parking violations will be $50.
  • Officers will patrol Village streets and immediately issue parking citations and a 24 hour tow notice to any vehicles found in violation of the odd-even parking ordinance.
  • Vehicles parked on streets designated as parking prohibited after two inches of snow fall will be ticketed and towed immediately.
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