Water Service Interruption Procedure

Sometimes water system repairs require your water service to be temporarily interrupted. When necessary, boil orders are put in place following these procedures as a precautionary measure per IEPA regulation. When these service disruptions occur, our team makes every attempt to notify those homes that are affected, below is how we do that.

  • In the event that a total system boil order is required, residents will be notified through as many means possible such as social media, website updates, media publications, etc.
  • When a water shutdown affects an isolated area of town and  requires a boil order, our Public Works crew goes door to door notifying the affected customers and leave a red door tag with information on the boil order and precautions that residents need to take.
  • When the boil order has been lifted, the same process occurs: door to door notification in person and a green door tag is left notifying residents of the cancellation.
  • As an extra layer of notification, residents can sign up for our Smart Messaging system here and a text, email, and/or phone call (based on how someone signs up) will be sent to affected homes.

If you have further questions about the notification process or these service disruptions, please call Public Works at 815-886-1870.