Youth Recreational Programs



Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading and more! You’ll discover tricks that are quick to learn and easy to perform. All materials are provided, and each participant receives a magic kit to take home. This class will take place at the Plainfield Park District’s PARC Building ( 24550 West Renwick Road, Plainfield).

AGE: 5-12    FEE: $30R / $45NR    MIN/MAX: 1/12

CODE               DATE    TIME                      DAY(S)
2151008-A        9/14       5:00PM-5:55PM    MONDAY
2151008-B        11/4       6:45PM-7:40PM    WEDNESDAY


Make your own masterpieces and explore your favorite art form. This class focuses on a variety of art medias including but not limited to, painting, drawing, and collage. Students will have a blast discovering their creativity and self-expression.

AGE: 5-11    FEE: $48R / $72NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE           DATE           TIME                      DAY(S)
2151801-1    9/16-10/21    7:10PM-8:10PM    WEDNESDAY
2151801-2    10/28-12/9    7:10PM-8:10PM    WEDNESDAY


This class focuses on the basics of drawing. Students will learn a variety of skills and gain knowledge. All drawing skills are welcome.

AGE: 6-12    FEE: $42R / $63NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE           DATE           TIME            DAY(S)
2151802-1    9/16-10/21    6PM-7PM    WEDNESDAY
2151802-2    10/28-12/9    6PM-7PM    WEDNESDAY


Learning Spanish is as easy as uno, dos, tres! In Afterschool Amigos Spanish club, children will learn numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, days of the week and more. We will be singing, clapping, and counting our way towards learning the Spanish Language. Each child will receive a participation award.

AGE: 5-11    FEE: $90R / $135NR    MIN/MAX: 8/15

CODE           DATE           TIME     DAY(S)
2151810-A    9/10-10/15    6:00PM-7:00PM    THURSDAY
2151810-B    10/22-12/3    6:00PM-7:00PM    THURSDAY


The LEGO Robotics Academy is a comprehensive, repeatable after school program where children learn to design, build and program robots. Using a creative educational approach that supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), this class is teacher-led instruction followed by fun, engaging and dynamic activities. The Robotics Academy is a repeatable program where children are placed based on skill and experience.

AGE: 6-14    FEE: $102R / $153NR    MIN/MAX: 4/12

CODE           DATE           TIME                      DAY(S)
2151804-A    9/8-10/13      5:30PM-6:30PM    TUESDAY
2151804-B    10/27-12/1    5:30PM-6:30PM    TUESDAY
*2151804-C   9/8-10/13      TBD                       (REMOTE)
*2151804-D   10/27-12/1    TBD                       (REMOTE)


Every child is an artist” - Pablo Picasso. Blast off your imagination, explore faraway galaxies, and meet outrageous space creatures! Discover your creativity and imagination as an artist, developing fine motor skills, style, and vision as we explore different artistic techniques through a variety of inspiring projects. Sketch and draw, shade and color, cut, glue, fold... create! See your imagination come to life! Learn about great artists from throughout history and the present day, through a weekly featured artist and fun, exciting games. Earn ArtBelts™ as you learn and progress. No experience necessary.

AGE: 5-10    FEE: $90R / $135NR    MIN/MAX: 8/15

CODE           DATE           TIME      DAY(S)
2150101-A    9/11-10/16    5:15PM-6:15PM    FRIDAY
2150101-B    10/23-12/4    5:15PM-6:15PM    FRIDAY


Develop your child’s intellect through the royal game of chess! Current research has shown a strong link between chess and academic performance in a variety of areas, including mathematics and language arts. Chess has been proven to enhance children’s motivation, concentration, focus, social skills, and creativity. Each class will consist of a fun, interactive teaching period and guided practice time. Both beginner and experienced players are welcome and will learn under the guidance of an experienced Chess Scholars coach. There will also be a chess competition with prizes at the end of the session!

AGE: 5-12    FEE: $90R / $135NR    MIN/MAX: 8/15

CODE           DATE             TIME           DAY(S)
2151460-A    9/8-10/13       4PM-5PM    TUESDAY
2151460-B    10/20-11/24   4PM-5PM    TUESDAY


This is a new STEM curriculum that teaches students all about how race cars work, gear ratios, motors, servos, steering mechanisms, etc.  We have 2 models of cars for different age groups to use.  Each student will be able to configure, design and drive a radio controlled race car.   This curriculum leads up to a new competition in the area using these cars. Returning students will continue in their education if they have taken this class before. Taught by Chasewood Learning.

AGE: 10-16    FEE: $102R / $153NR    MIN/MAX: 5/10

CODE           DATE         TIME      DAY(S)
2151805-A    9/8-10/13    6:40PM-7:40PM    TUESDAY


Learning STEM these days are critical for our children to be prepared for the future.  Chasewood Learning has developed a fully online STEM remote learning course that will allow your child to have scheduled online chasses with an instructor using materials found around the home.  We schedule classes that are convenient for you and we will have up to 5 children per cohort.  This is a proven curriculum used today at many private school and homeschool environments.  Let us extend STEM into your home! Program time and day to be arranged with parent.

AGE: 6-14    FEE: $102R / $153NR    MIN/MAX: 4/12

CODE           DATE           DAY(S)
2151806-A    9/8-10/13     TUESDAY
2151806-B    10/27-12/1   TUESDAY


Prepare your children for the future!  In this exciting class, children learn programming essentials using today’s leading edge teaching software.  Chasewood’s multilevel curriculum starts with children learning the basics of programming, leading them to building their own interactive stories and games. The class encourages systematic reasoning, creativity and helps them to work collaboratively. Since this class is a multilevel program where children are placed based on skill and experience, students can repeat this class as they start where they left off from the last class. 

AGE: 8-16    FEE: $102R / $153NR    MIN/MAX: 4/10

CODE           DATE           TIME                      DAY(S)
2151807-A    10/27-12/1    6:40PM-7:40PM    TUESDAY
*2151807-B   10/27-12/1    TBD                       (REMOTE)


Experience specialized fun, high quality instruction that gets results. Sign up for  thirty minute private lessons at the Recreation Department front desk (fill out form and make payment). You will be contacted to set up days and times for the lessons once the paid registration has been received. Instruments are not provided. (Ages 3+)

TYPE              FEES                LESSONS   CODE
VOICE            $140r/$210nr     4                  2151403-04
VOICE            $240r/$360nr     8                  2151403-08
VOICE            $300r/$450nr     12                2151403-12
GUITAR          $140r/$210nr     4                  2151404-04
GUITAR          $240r/$360nr     8                  2151404-08
GUITAR          $300r/$450nr     12                2151404-12
KEYBOARD    $140r/$210nr     4                  2151405-04
KEYBOARD    $240r/$360nr     8                  2151405-08
KEYBOARD    $300r/$450nr     12                2151405-12  


Learn to read music and play tunes! Brought to you by AES and The Music Path Company, this amazing program teaches young students the beginnings of music! Using specialized, proprietary MusicStart keyboards, students learn to play familiar tunes in a group setting by color, letter, and note matching while using problem-solving strategies - without sacrificing any important musical knowledge - we are not taking shortcuts to playing and reading music. Prepare your student to take any instrument by giving them a solid musical foundation with this exciting program!

AGE: 5-10    FEE: $115R / $170NR    MIN/MAX: 8/15

CODE           DATE            TIME                       DAY(S)
2151401-A    9/14-10/19     5:30PM-6:30PM     MONDAY
2151401-B    10/26-11/30   5:30PM-6:30PM     MONDAY


Does your child have a “dramatic side”? You might have a budding Stage Star in your family! Our drama class introduces students to the craft of stage acting. During this exciting class, students will learn theatrical skills, improv basics and participate in interactive drama games. This is an opportunity for students to have fun, express themselves, interact with others within the context of theatre arts and have the opportunity to earn belts to demonstrate their learned skills!

AGE: 5-12    FEE: $90R / $135NR    MIN/MAX: 8/15

CODE      DATE      TIME      DAY(S)
2151402-A    9/9-10/14     5:30PM-6:30PM    WEDNESDAY
2151402-B    10/21-12/2    5:30PM-6:30PM    WEDNESDAY


Express your creativity during Kids Crafts Corner! In this relaxing environment, participants will explore individuality, build confidence, and make new friends. Exciting new projects will be offered each session.

AGE: 6-14    MIN/MAX: 5/12

PROJECT                             CODE             DATE      TIME                     DAY(S)         FEE
FLAMINGO KEY RING         2150116-01     9/18        6:00PM-7:00PM    FRIDAY        $9R/$14NR
Fall CLAY POTS                   2150116-02     9/25        6:00PM-7:00PM    FRIDAY        $9R/$14NR
BIRD HOUSES                     2150116-03     10/19      6:00PM-7:00PM    FRIDAY        $14R/$23NR
FLOWER CROWN               2150116-04     11/13       6:00PM-7:00PM    FRIDAY        $14R/$23NR
TYE DYE PILLOWCASES   2150116-05     11/20       6:00PM-7:00PM    FRIDAY        $20R/$30NR